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Typically, media is uploaded via FTP.  If FTP integration has been configured on your server, then the process is very similar to that of uploading files to a web site:

Connect to your server's IP address (or domain name) using an FTP client.  (If you don't already have an FTP client, we recommend SmartFTP or WinSCP). An example of ftp server is etc. This has been sent to you via email.

Login to the FTP server using your stream's username and password.

Upon logging in, you should see a "media" directory.  Open the "media" directory and upload your media files (i.e., MP3s) into this directory.

Note: Depending on how your installation was setup, you may automatically be placed in the "media" directory.  If you do not see a "media" directory when you login, then simply upload your media files into the current directory.

Once your media files have been uploaded, be sure to login to streaming server web interface, click "Manage Playlists", and then click "Update Media Library".  This will allow to import all of your new media files, and retrieve the necessary song covers and affiliate information from (if enabled).

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