How to use broadcast using Winamp & Shoutcast Source to your Shoutcast Server Εκτύπωση

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1. Install Winamp (
2. Install Shoutcast Source (, bottom of the page under "SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp").
3. Load Winamp.
--Right click on the tool bar and select options and choose preferences.
--Select Plugins > DSP/Effect.
--Choose Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP
--The Shoutcast Source window should now appear. You can close the preferences window.
--From the Shoutcast Source window choose Output > Connection > Output Configuration.
--Tick the 'Use SHOUTcast v1 mode (for legacy servers).
--Enter your server details from your welcome email by Guru-host.
--Next fill in your radio show details in the 'Yellow Pages' section. Dont forget the http:// part of your website URL.
--Next fill out the 'Encoder' details with your bitrate and choosing the MP3 encoder,for example MP3 encoder 128kbps, 44100KHz, Stereo.
--Click the Connect button

You should now be connected!

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