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Auto DJ is enabled by default in every streaming package offered from Guru-host with disk space starting from 1GB up to 100GB!
This gives you the ability to upload your music to your server and have the server broadcast your station 24/7 while not doing live broadcasting.
You don't need to have your own PC running the whole day anymore!

Make sure your mp3's are the same bitrate.

All your mp3's must have the same bitrate/samplerate/channels otherwise your listeners will have a problem as most players do not support mixed bitrate/samplerate streams. You can do this by loading all your mp3's up into sourceforge or audacity and converting them to the same bitrate/samplerate/channels before you upload.
Use the same bitrate/channels you would when you stream live to avoid the problem of users who stay connected when you activate and deactivate your Auto DJ.

Upload your mp3's.

To upload you mp3's to the server you need to use an FTP client. A good free FTP client to use is FileZilla or fireftp as an addon to Mozilla Firefox. Under Linux you can use Gftp which is highly recommended. Fireftp is also running on Linux.
FTP details will be given to you uppon sign up to any of our streaming audio plans.
Once connected you must navigate into the 'media' directory. Then send across all your mp3 music to the 'media' directory only.

Control Panel Configuration.

Once you have uploaded your files you need to go into the control panel and stop your server. Next go into Configuration / Auto DJ tab and enable the source. You will notice new 'Media Library' and 'Playlist' options in the menu. Click 'Media Library' and click 'Update Media Library' you should then see your mp3's you uploaded. Organise the media by dragging it into the playlists on the left then 'Return to control panel'. You must have at least one playlist containing MP3's before you can enable the Auto DJ.

Once all this is done you can deactivate/activate the source (autodj) as required when you have live streams.

NOTE: If you require a way to activate and deactivate the Auto DJ remotely you can do this by configuring and installing a PHP script. Once configured with your access details upload it to your website and it will create a way for your DJ's to turn off / on the Auto DJ when they start / finish their live show. To request the PHP script please open a ticket as soon as you place the order and we will email you all the details.

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