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Please keep in mind that email servers are one of the more stable services running on the Internet. They rarely, and I mean rarely go down. So with that said, the first place you need to look is between your PC/Mac and our network.

  1. Always double check your password.
  2. Your username should be in the format.
  3. SMTP and POP3 = or the IP assigned to you in your welcome email.
  4. Make sure the "SSL / Secured Socket Layer" or something similar is not selected.
  5. Make sure "My server requires authentication" is checked.

If the above is correct, proceed to check if the email account is actually created in cPanel (believe it or not, it happens).

If none of the above do not work

Login to webmail, check if you can send and receive emails from there. If yes, and your email was working right before, then the problem is either with your ISP or your email client is not properly setup. Please double check the first group of solutions to make sure your client is setup properly.

A lot of ISP's block outgoing mail to remote mail servers on port 25. If you think you are in this situation, we do have an  alternate email port for you to use. Open up your email clients settings and change your smtp's outgoing port to use port 26 instead of 25. If that fails, call your IP and ask them if they are blocking outgoing mail to remote SMTP servers.

Yes, it is possible that your client configuration worked yesterday might stop working today and need a little tweak. It sounds odd, but it does happen.

If you are unable to send and/or receive email with Webmail, login to our support ticket system at and open a technical support ticket and we will check into it. Make sure you include all relevant information to expedite our response to you (you can never give us to much information) and include any applicable error messages.

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