Static File Hosting - speed up serving of css, javascript etc Εκτύπωση

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You can now add a static hosting type to your website.

1) In website settings, go to Domain Aliases and then add (replace with your actual domain)
2) Once this is added, go to custom DNS, and edit the root A record for to point to
You can also set the TTL of this record down to 600 seconds if you wish (it means that it won't be cached for very long should the IP ever change).
3) Wait a few minutes for the DNS zone to propagate, and you'll be able to reference to access static file types (e.g. images, css, js, etc).

This will utilise nginx which is very efficient at serving static files, and you should notice a speed-up in site performance when referencing files using http://static.yourdomain/yourfile.jpg

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