Terms of Use


1.1 Guru-host, in the below text will be referred as the Company, is an online website providing products and services via Internet which was established by the owner Samara Panagiota with business address Stavrakia , VAT number EL142917284 , VAT Office A Heraklion, tel 2112125024. The below terms and requirements will be applicable for the online use of the Company’s website which can be found at the electronic address www.guru-host.eu, and for the provided services by the Company as well. Using the website or the services provided by the Company , users declare that they accept, the terms and requirements of use that have been or will be set by the Company.

1.2 In case any user or anyone else authorized by the user does not agree with the terms of use and the requirements, then he must not make any use of the website and Company’s services. Users of Company’s services or visitors of the website www.guru-host.eu will be referred on the below text as “Clients”, even if they proceed to products or service orders by the Company. Violation of the below policy rules will lead to automatic cancellation of our partnership.

2. Legal Rights

2.1 This web page is one of the official Company’s e-shop. Whole content of the website, including images, photographs, designs, texts, provided services and products consist the intellectual property of the Company and are protected by the Greek Law, European Law and international Agreements. The whole content of the website has been sent to Notary who has verified the intellectual property.

2.2 It is strictly forbidden any kind of copying, distribution, transfer, reselling and derivatives about the real provider of the web site's Content. Any reproduction , replication, distribution or any other use of the Content for commercial any other purposes is allowed only under Company’s written permission or any other owner of the legal rights. Names, Images, Logos that represents the Company or third party and their services are exclusive trademarks of the Company or third party, protected by relative laws about commercial trademarks. Their presence on the website should not be considered, in any way, as transfer or accession of license of use.

3. Services and Company’s Responsibility

3.1 Customer confirms that the uploaded content on the server is ready for use and doesn’t not need any further modification by the Company in order to operate properly. Company has the right to access Client’s files, websites and data.

3.2 Company informs by e-mail the customer about the way by which he can access the Control Panel and how he can publicize his files on the Internet , create email accounts and the necessity in reading the manual of the Virtual or Dedicated Server and the Control Panel , if applicable.

3.3 Customer agrees that has the necessary knowledge for Building/Publicizing web pages on the Internet , and that the Company doesn’t bear responsibility for knowledge transfer or any other training of programming to the Customer. The Company is not obliged to provide technical assistance except cases that are described in this document. The Company could , by exception and in case of wish, to provide support and guidelines in cases which are not connected with website hosting (Extra Technical Assistance).

3.4 Any request for Extra Technical Assistance can be rejected by the Company with or without reason. Company has the choice to provide any Extra Technical Assistance and if done once, can be canceled at anytime without any further notice and without any Company’s obligation or responsibility.

3.5 Company doesn’t examine the content of information that are processed by the network of server and Company doesn’t guarantee the reliability of any information that is being displayed via or due to the provided services. Even more Company doesn’t guarantee the commercial or personal solvency anyone who is represented on the Internet and is not responsible for any damaged occurred to the Client or to those which who he deals with.

3.6 The use of any information that is provided via Internet, is in responsibility of the one who uses it and the company bears no responsibility for the accuracy or the quality of this information. The connection speed referred on the website represents the inbound speed to the backbone network and not the end to end speed.

3.7 The Company bears no responsibility for any damage caused in case of lack of network/systems availability and doesn’t guarantee that the web hosting service will be continuous or that no mistake will occur due to the special nature of Internet, and of networks via which the information is being transmitted.

3.8 The Company , under any circumstances and due to any reason bears no responsibility for any damaged occurred by the use, availability or no availability of the provided services.

3.9 The Company frequently upgrades the installed application on the servers in order to maintain the highest possible security levels and offer the latest versions of PHP,MySQL, Zend,Ioncube e.t.c. . It is customers responsibility to update accordingly the source code (PHP source code, MySQL queries e.t.c. of his web pages hosted at the available space provided by the Company) in order to be compatible with Company’s Servers. The Company bears no responsibility for any loss and damage or moral damage created by those updates , and for the inability or unwillingness by the customer to adapt his web pages to the updated version of the various applications and programming languages H/Y that have been installed on the Company’s Servers.

3.10 The Company bears no responsibility nor has the obligation of compensation for any loss damage or moral damage that occurs by the inability to provide services or Technical Assistance and the Client is committed with the acceptance of the present that he will raise no claims beside those that are included in the Company’s SLA. Click here to see the SLA. Also, If YOUR server is attacked (DoS) then WE reserve the right to remove YOUR server from OUR network without notice and without obligation to pay compensation apply service credits or refund any monies in respect of Service downtime.

3.11 The Company quiet frequently gets Client’s backups of files and data bases stored in its servers. Company bears no responsibility in case of corrupted or not updated backup. Client is responsible to maintain backup of files and databases, by using the equivalent backup tool which can be found at the provided control panel or by using his own control panel. Customers with dedicated servers an in case that no additional backup service has been paid for, Guru-host bears no responsibility for the loss od data. For security reasons the backup should be transferred by FTP to Client’s Personal Computer.

3.12 Company will cooperate with the Authorities for law imposition about web hosting, information, email and the Client’s Content. This may force the Company to reveal all information given, including information stored in Company’s servers , in addition to Client’s data
and data bases.

3.13 The Company bears no responsibility against Clients/Users for damaged that may occurs due to no order execution.

3.14 Refunds and cancellations. Domain name registrations cannot be refunded or cancelled under any circumstances. All other services are subject to our 60 day money back guarantee. Be aware that if we receive any abuse report while you've been a VPS or Dedicated server customer we will not refund any money at all no matter if you are inside the 60 days money back guarantee period.

4. Clients Responsibility and non Authorized Use of Servers

4.1 The Client accepts that he will NOT use the Company’s Website and the provided server services for :
i. Sent, sent by email or with any other mean any kind of illegal content , e.g. spam, damaging, threatening, offensive, annoying, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, it constitutes violation the privacy, it shows bitterness, or expresses racial, national or other discriminations. The Clients will be supposed to avoid their entanglement in punishable action as slanderous libel, presentation scandalous or private information for individuals without their approval, intentional sentimental violence, threats in third via e-mail, or other electronic medium/services that we provide.
ii. Cause of damage at individuals aged below 18years old with any way
iii. sent, publication, sent with e-mail or transmission with other ways of any content for which you do not have right of transmission according to the legislation or the conventional or administrative relations (as internal information, property and confidential information that was acquired or revealed as part of labour relations or that is covered in agreements of confidentiality)
iv. sent, publication, sent with e-mail or transmission with other ways of any content which violates any license, commercial logo, commercial secret, intellectually right or other property rights of third person
v. sent, publication, sent with e-mail or transmission with other ways of any material which contain viruses of software or any other code, files or programs that have been made aiming at the interruption, damaging , the destruction or the equipment of operation of any software or material of computers
vi. willing or unwilling infringement of being in effect legislation or her provisions
vii. third person harassment by all means
viii. illegal collection or storage of personal data concerning other users

4.2 The Company has the possibility of rejecting or erase material that it is channeled in the given server if material clashes any legislation concerning intellectually right, copyright, is pornographic, racist or piratical content (hacking, pirate softwares, warez sites, serial numbers), it concerns the drugs distribution , hacking in a computer or clashes with any other law. In such cases the Company has the right, without warning, to deactivate immediately the account and the access in site via Internet without no responsibility for damage that by any chance is caused in the Customer or in Third person. Then it informs the customer in order to to removes the material. In the event that the customer does not comply immediately the company has right erase absolutely the account.

4.3 The company follows a very strict policy for spam emails and she can cancel the account of customer in the event of sent undesirable mass email (spam mail). An e-mail is considered spam when it is sent to a lot of recipients which have not asked to receive it. The customer agrees that he does not sent any kind from the following e-mail types: (a) advertising or informative, including without restriction the commercial advertisement , excluding the case when customers have asked for such emails. (b) Annoyingly email, or via the language written, the frequency that is sent or the size of messages. (c) chain mails (d) Bulk advertising or information Email.
Guru-host maintain the right to decide if a Client’s action is considered as "spam" , "mail bombing" , or " bulk e-mail “. In the case where we receive written abuse report via or fax or via email from 3rd providers then we maintain the right of direct interruption of service without further notice.

4.4 Server's available resources are intended exclusively for use inside the customer' account . It is prohibited the disposal of resources at any way in third sites with any way, included but not limited in linking graphic or texts from sites third material that is found in Company's Servers, implementation of programs banner exchange etc.

4.5 SSH access is given after customer's application. The company has the right to deny access or give limited access for implementation of specific commands. Customers with dedicated server and any management package (server management) do not have root access but only in exceptional cases and if considered essential by Guru-host, who maintains also the right change the policy when the Customer doesn't comply with rules and instructions of safety as well as the technical background in order to he has root (complete rights) access.

4.6 It is strongly prohibited, sending electronic messages in server or any message that is sent in annoying base in a network immediately or indirectly connected with the Company as well as the effort of bypassing the authentication of user or safety host, network or account. It Is prohibited the gain of access to information that is not addressed to the Customer. It is prohibited the violation of safety of any network, Spawning, Port scans, ping floods, packet spoofing, forging router information, denial of service attacks, sniffers, flooding, spoofing, ping bombing, smurfs, winnuke, land, teardrop, the distribution of viruses, the implementation of chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat, IRC bots (like eggdrop), PhpShell and other similar programs. Any activity, despite leading to loss of information, will be investigated and it will continue to immediate measures.

4.7 Not permitted background processes or permitted background processes that place at risk our safety servers, they will have as consequence the pause or even the cancellation Customer's account.

4.8  The customer agrees that he will build his web pages in such a way that avoids  Guru-host's Servers overloading  (it only concerns shared hosting), limiting the use of code and applications that requires high CPU performance. In the event that the web page of customer is the cause of problems in the benefit of services of hosting to other customers that are hosted in the same server, Guru-host has the right to deactivate immediately Customer's account also without warning the access in the network place of customer. In the event that Guru-host proceeds in a such action, the customer will be informed relatively, as soon as possible and Guru-host will collaborate with the customer in order to eliminated the reason that led to the suspension of services.

4.9 The customer agrees with the following terms:
i. Do not use equal or more the 25% of server's resources for bigger time than intervals of 360 seconds. This includes any actions that can cause server overloading including CGI Scripts, PHP Scripts, FTP, HTTP, SMTP load.
ii. Does not execute any autonomous process in server. Including demons and any executable files as IRCD, chat demons, .exe, .com e.t.c.
ii. No execution of any kind of Spider or Indexer
iv. Do not execute any bit torrent application, tracker or client. Prohibits the hosting or interconnection of any ilegal transferred files.
v. Don't participate in any activity that is related with file-sharing and peer-to-peer networks.
vi. Do not execute any gaming servers as counter-strike, half-life, battlefield1942 etc
Vii. Don't execute cron tasks and schedule tasks per time intervals smaller the 15 thin.
Viii. Do not use Script in order to call any non local file . Calling any file or url in remote server should be declared in the company when it concerns  shared hosting. The company has the right to prohibit such an action  without announcing it to the customer.
ix. Do not allocate server's Mailbox size that exceeds 1000 Mb.

4.10 Customer should use the network place exclusively as one ordinary Web Site. The use of services and the equipment of Company should always be with such a way that would be consistent with the present agreement and in no case should harm the operation of equipment or the network of Company. The use of excessive resources of system is not acceptable. In the event that the use of services of Company from the customer creates, at the crisis of Company, beyond permissible limit, overloading of equipment and resources of Company, the Company can suspend the operation of account until it is determined and is solved the cause of overloading. The company maintains the right of deactivation of intensive mechanisms that overloads the CPU.

4.11 The customer comprehends and agrees that no part of services that is being provided by Guru-host, as the space, e-mail or the transport of data (bandwidth)can be used for  for backups. The customer is not allowed in no case to upload, download or store in the space where it is provided for him files that do not have direct relation with that is essential for the operation of his web page, with the exception of maintenance of backup.

4.12 The customer has to supervise the size of used space and his remainder in the hard disks of Company, so as it does not exceed the limits that have been fixed. In the event that the space that is occupied exceeds the limits, the Company will charge the customer for the use of additional resources and maintains the right to erase files so that comes back the used space in the permissible limits or deactivated automatically the services until the space comes back to normal size.

4.13 It is customer's responsibility to ensure that the code and the applications installed in his account are safe and the directory and file permissions are correct, independent from the way that became the installation. The customer is the person in charge for all actions that are executed in his account.

5. Security

5.1 All transactions that are committed via www.Guru-host.eu are conditioned by the International and European right, that regulates subjects with regard to the electronic trade as well as from the Law concerning protection of consumers (Law 2251/1994), that regulates subjects with regard to distant sales.  The company recognizes the importance of safety of Personal Data, as well as electronic transactions and has taken all the essential measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, so that is ensured the biggest possible safety. All information, that is related with your personal elements, is safe and confidential.
The safety of Electronic shop of Company is achieved with the following methods:

Recognition of Customer

5.2Code that are used for the recognition are two: Username and Personal Password, that each time you sign in they provide access with absolute safety in the personal elements of Customer. It is given the possibility of change of password as often as Customer wishes through support system   http://client.guru-host.eu. The only person that has access to the data is the customer via the above code and he is exclusively person in charge for the maintenance of his secrecy from third persons. The company is not responsible for the use of secret code from not authorized person. Company's e-shop in no way does reveal or publish the personal data and the information that has been provided.  The personal data which are given by the Customer in the Company's disposal are used exclusively for  implementing transactions. All information are encrypted and stored with absolute safety.


5.3 Customer must keep contact information updated and notify the Company for their change. Communication and information of Company to the Customer concerning his account (upgrades in servers, expiry - renewal account e.t.c.) are carried out via email or via relative informative pages in site the Company. The customer has to check regularly email that was given as main email and the Company web site in order to be  informed for issues concerning his account.

Secrecy of Transactions

5.4 All information that is sent to the customer/subscriber of the Company is confidential and the Company has taken the all necessary measures  in order to be used only when necessary in the frame of provided services. Certain of taken measures are the following:
i. Only authorized employees have access to the information of transactions and only whenever this is necessary (e.g. Applications transaction)
ii. The company does not reveal personal information of customers and their transactions, unless has written authorization from the customer or this is imposed by juridical decision or decision of other public authority.
Iii. In case that the Company uses partners for the systems support,  it has the responsibility for confidentiality,
iv. The customer can ask any elements they are observed for this as well as the correction in the event that can argue the existence of error.
v. For safety,  Customer must handle all information that is provided via the service as confidential  and not revele any of them to third persons.
vi. Customer's e-mail is used by Guru-host. for sending informative emails-newsletters regarding the company and about new offers or discounts provided. In the case that Customer does not wish to receive such emails  he can be erased from the list of contacts, by pressing the relative link which can be found at the bottom of the email-newsletter.

6. Pricing and Interruption of Services /Contract Policy of prices

6.1 Quoted prices of products are in Euros and VAT is included . The payment of services and products takes place in advance. The company maintains the right of changing prices without previous customer  notice . It is obvious that customer always overwhelms the price which is entered in the familiar price lists for this product or the service at per year order.

6.2 The company has right to offer packages or offers that will have more favourable terms or prices from those that existed when the customer initially bought services from the Company. These price changes and terms do not influence the existing prices of parts.

6.3 The price that the customer pays to the Company for services of hosting  μαυ change afterwards the order in infrequent cases. The company maintains the right to change at any moment the resources and the prices of services of hospitality that are appeared in site for purchase by future customers. The refunding of debts of customer should become at the latest in 7 days from the day published of invoice which also publishes in the address http://client.guru-host.eu under the account of each customer. If th cost has not been paid after 7 days and provided that the  company has not been informed, your account will be deactivated and will not be activated until final payment . If this in not made within 2 weeks (14 days) your account will be erased permanently.

6.4 For servers located in Germany and Greece you must inform the Billing department at least 30 days before your billing date if you intend to cancel. You can done this by opening a ticket at https://guru-host.eu. For servers hosted in the UK you need to inform us just 5 days before the billing date. Also if you need to migrate or upgrade to another server you will need to pay the setup fee again for the new server unless it is located within the UK.

Payment with Credit card

6.4 Customer has the possibility of paying his orders via credit card Visa or Mastercard. The transaction of the credit card is completed after precede control and certification-validation of given information. The customer is the only person in charge for the correct information of his credit card.

6.5 Customer who ordered hosting packages of web pages can select from the account management environment , if his credit card will be charged automatically by the Company for each month (or depending on the circle of renewal of subscription for hosting domain each 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, or 24 months) and it gives the right to the Company to collect the corresponding sum in predetermined date for each month or in similar regular time interval and in which the service which has been ordered bye the Customer is due.

Payment with deposit in account of bank

6.6 customer has the possibility of refunding his orders via deposit in banking accounts that are presented at the order of service. In this case the Customer owes to pay possible bank charges and to inform the Company for the number of transaction of deposit and the bank shop where they took place.

Interruption of Services/Contract

6.7 The present contract can be interrupted from anyone contracting, without cause. The company is not compelled in return of agreed sum for the time interval that remains from the day of interruption until the regular expiry of convention in the event that the interruption asks the customer or the contract is interrupted or by the Company in the event infringement of terms by the customer

6.8 If the Customer declares that he does not wish the continuation of services, then the company interrupts the operation of web site Customer and erases his from servers , without other notice.

6.9 H Company maintains the right to deny, terminate or place in unavailability the services provided to the Customer at wish, with or without warning, and will not charged for repercussions, positive or negative, as a result of stopping the web site from server or terminating other service.  File recovery at hosting packages is debited proportionally the weekday hours with prices that begin from 99€ per hour.

6.10 In the case where the Customer maintains non-acquitted one or more services in his account, then the Company has the right of suspension, interruption or deletion of all of his domains or accounts of hosting, paid off or no, without the obligation of giving backup.

6.11 The company maintains the right to cancel an account, including  files and the content, for any reason amd at any time. The customer agrees that he maintains backup copies with all files and databases  that  the Company is hosting,  and agrees that the Company will have no responsibility for the loss of data. The customer is the person in charge for making backups.

6.12 In case that the customer do not wish further services of the Company he has to declare it via the form of cancellation that is found in the contact http://client.guru-host.eu. After receiving the form  automatically the customer receives an confirmation email . In the event that the Customer does not receive confirmation email he will have to l communicate by phone with Guru-host. For dedicated hosting bsed in Germany and Greece we need a month notice prior to cancellation date.

6.13 In the event of no payment in time or of impossibility to charge the credit card of the customer, our Services are programmed to be interrupted automatically after the expiry of subscription.

6.14 In the event that the rest of the Customer's Credit Card at the moment of transaction  is not enough the Services of Company are programmed to be interrupted automatically afterwards the expiry of subscription.

6.15 Clients with servers in Germany or Greece must inform us in written 30 days prior to cancellation date.

6.16 None of our server management plans include installation, configuration and daily maintanance of services like reverse proxies, custom applications and any software related with cloud services/applications. For this kind of support a seperate contract/quote must requested from the client.

7. Guarantee of Return of Money

7.1 Hosting packages on virtual servers of the Company are accompanied by guarantee of return of money within 60 days from the date of beginning of account of hosting. If the customer does not remain satisfied from the quality of hosting services (web hosting) he can ask the cancellation of present contract  within 60 days from the beginning of his account, otherwise he agrees with the continuation of service and he resigns from his right for return of overwhelmed money. In the case of cancellation within 60 days, it is returned in the customer how many of his subscription. In the event that the sum of subscription including moreover expenses (domain name, SSL, static IP,  third charges or  banks or credit cards charges, expenses of installation, additional services) the sum of subscription is returned to the Customer after retaining the above expenses. No return of money will take place afterwards the 60th day of subscription. The above guarantee concerns exclusively the packaged of renting Shared Hosting and no the total provided services from the Company, like Dedicated Server, Resellers Hosting e.t.c.  For returning the customer must have reported any problem which has not been solved by the technicians of Guru-host.

7.2 Only new Customers are eligible for compensation. As an example, if the customer had an account in the Company, he canceled and it and created a new one, it is not eligible compensation for the last account.

7.3 In order to is considered valid the application of cancellation of account, the demand should be sent via our ticket system at http://client.guru-host.eu/

7.4 Any violation of term of present document is considered capable in leading to no return of any sum to the Customer.

8. Renewal of Services

8.1 This contract is renewed automatically according to current price list on the type of provided service at the time period of renewal except and if the customer doesn't wish further collaboration with the Company and after informing the Company.

8.2 In the event of refunding of subscription with deposit in the bank, the Customer owes to pay by any chance banks charges and to inform the Company for the number of transaction of deposit and the shop of bank that made the deposit, at least 2 weekdays before the expiry of subscription. If the customer cannot inform for the deposit via  internet  or if required by the Company, the Customer must send by FAX to the number  +302118001866 or with email in the support [at] guru-host.eu, the deposit slip and entering evidently in the notice/slip his contact information, his domain name and type of service that paid.

8.3 In any case, the customer owes to check that the company received the notice of refunding of his subscription and activated/renewed the services for which it paid. In the event that the company is not able ascertains the elements of refunding of rest from renewal of services because of bad quality FAX, not delivery of email briefing in the Company) then the company interrupts the operation of web site Customer and erases him from servers her, without no absolutely responsibility for by any chance damage or damage that is caused by the finish/interruption of her services to the Customer.

9. Extra fees

9.1 The company is not responsible for any taxes or dues which should  be paid in any country and according to any tax legislation and concern transactions that become from the Customer via the offered server. The customer agrees that he has the complete responsibility for the taxes or dues or wage that are related with the use of server or the products, allocated services and their transactions.

10. Restriction of Responsibility - Guarantee - Compensation

10.1 The company overwhelms important efforts, in order that the network place http://www.Guru-host.eu includes precise and informed information. Nevertheless, we are not committed as for the precision, time proximity and plenitude of content that is published and accordingly does not bring any nature responsibility.

10.2 The customer agrees that he will be defended opposite every court, he will ensure, he will keep far from each danger, from all requirements, losses, pecuniary claims and responsibilities, the Company and he will cover him against each pecuniary cost including also wage of lawyers, also  he will cover from any affair or claim because damage or damage or any other cause causes himself or any third against the Company or the Customer due to activities and services or other acts of Customer or content and information that was moved via the server Company or because of dysfunction of any of our servers  with or without the consent of Customer or of his partners.

10.3 Besides, the Customer explicitly declares and commits via this document that in the case of any action at law to the Company , claim or other juridical claim or administrative process which springs from the infringement of any nature right on behalf of third person, it is compelled in order that, from one hand, he intervenes in the juridical or administrative process and from the other hand he completely compensates the Company, in the event at which the last one is compelled in payment of compensation or any other expense.

11. Regulation of Management and accession of domain with conclusion .gr and international .tlds

11. The customer/user and or future householder of domain name should read, comprehend and agree with the Regulation of Management and accession of domains with all modifications .At page of EETT (Hellenic Telecommunications and Post  Commission   http://www.eett.gr/opencms/opencms/EETT/Electronic_Communications/DomainNames/Regulations.html they exist the all lawful texts and any  modifications of these. The registration of domain  .gr takes place from personnel of our company at weekdays and hours after the application of registration and the completion of payment.

12. Acceptance of Terms of Use

12.1 The present terms of use of web-site www.guru-host.eu are drawn up with base of total  rules and rights of Greek territory, and are conditioned by the Greek Law, by the being in effect in this legislative provisions of European Union and from the International Treaties and are interpreted according to the rules of good faith, exchange morals also the social and economic aim of right. In case that a term or provision of use in question is judged as invalid  , such nullity will not influence the force of remaining terms, contracting they will overwhelm at the mentioned before beginnings each possible effort in order to replace the invalid or provisions or terms, with other that would approach as much as possible the content invalid terms or provisions.

12.2 Company subscribers of services are supposed to be over 18 years old.

12.3 By the use of web pages www.guru-host.eu you agree with the all terms that are entered in this document web page and the reading of present text are required before the use of our services and the submission of any order of services or products and besides your conform opinion as well as the complete unconditional acceptance of quoted terms, are expressed, are certified and declared responsibly with the use of presentation and/or the click of mouse in the link "I have read and agree with the Terms of Use"? and in any other link which can lead to order of service or use of websites of the Company, and it is considered as your signature in the present text.

12.4 The company provides the customer with Third Party Software  depending on the hosting package that was ordered. Terms of use that are condition the use of third party software differ from the terms of use of Guru-host. The customers of the Company are committed by all terms of authorizations that are related with computational third person and will are considered as accepted. The offer of third party software  does not consists part of software of the Company. The company cannot provide support or guarantees with regard to the use and the functionality of  third party Software.

12.5 Each electronic order of services is delivered to the Company via Internet, if only the Customer previously has unconditionally accepted the mentioned before terms of agreement. As an additional proof that the Customer was informed completely about the terms and agreed unconditionally with them.

12.6 The customer agrees that for any difference results from the use of this document, the laws of Greek state are applicable. The company has the right to modify without notice these Terms of Use . The modified terms of use are in effect after the renewal of subscription of services provided by the Company to the Customer and is customer's responsibility to be kept informed by the present Web page about the terms. The last publication of terms can always be found at the buttom of the web page of our company guru-host.eu.

12.7 The contained terms in this document are replacing each other agreement or negotiation between the Customer and the Company, oral, written or with any other way, included statements from any  representative of the Company.

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