I need support, how can I contact you?

All support requests should be posted via our client portal at https://client.guru-host.eu and NOT via email. Email requests might take several days to get a reply as they are not handled by all staff and whoever gets the email might be out of the office or busy with other projects. Use always the ticket system.

If you don't remember your password you can use the recovery page at https://client.guru-host.eu/pwreset.php

Once you logged in you will be able to submit your support enquiry.

When you submit your question please include as much information as possible. Tickets with content like "I cannot loggin" does not help at all.

A proper ticket if you can't login to Cpanel for example will be:

  1. Your static or dynamic IP and roughly the time that you've tried to login.
  2. The url of the cpanel that you are using
  3. The domain name that is refer to.
  4. The username & password
  5. Are you able to access the domain during that time or both domain and cpanel are not accessible?
  6. Does anyone else has access to Cpanel? If yes, check with them first that they didn't change the password.


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